Hands-On with Textile Mordants

Photo credits: DURARE ERC

In March 2023, AlchemEast joined forces with DURARE ERC at Utrecht University’s ArtLab to work on textile mordants.

Giacomo Montanari together with Marjolijn Bol, Grace Kim-Butler, Jan van Daal, Henrike Scholte, and Clara Mikellides De Chiaro experimented on how different mordants (both mineral and vegetal) affect the final colour and feel of textiles, even when the dyestuff remains the same.

This turned out to be a starting point for a discussion on interdisciplinary work and how to reconcile the perspectives of different disciplines not only on the topic of mordanting, but also on what it means to replicate a historical recipe or a procedure in a modern context.

Follow this link to read the blog post on DURARE’s webpage.