Exhibition: “L’oro dei filosofi. Dai manoscritti bolognesi al laboratorio chimico”

Bologna University Library
Opening: May 13, 2023
Closing: June 17, 2023

The exhibition showcases alchemical manuscripts preserved at the Bologna University Library, which contain texts and recipes tested in the laboratories of the Bologna Chemistry Department. The exhibition also includes images and videos of the replications, emphasizing the technical aspects found within the displayed manuscripts (Greek, Arabic, and Latin sources).


Roll up

Poster with introduction to the show

Sources of Alchemy and Chemistry Workshop

AlchemEast Workshop, organized by Matteo Martelli in the framework of a well-established collaboration with the Ambix series “Sources of Alchemy and Chemistry: Sir Robert Mond Studies in the History of Early Chemistry” (SHAC).

March 30-31, 2023, Department of Philosophy and Communication Studies, Bologna


Current Issues in the History of Alchemy. Texts, Images and Procedures

AlchemEast Workshop organized by Matteo Martelli, which features three papers given by visiting scholars in the project:

  • Jennifer Rampling (Princeton University), Experimenting with Alchemical Imagery in Medieval and Early Modern Europe.
  • Gerasimos Merianos (NHRF, Athens), A Beer Recipe in the Byzantine Alchemical MS Marc. gr. 299 Intended for Personal or Practical Use?
  • Marion Dapsens (UCLouvain), The Arabic Alchemical Dialogues: A Key Step in the Transfer of Greek Alchemy to the Arab World

November 15, 2022, Department of Philosophy and Communication Studies, Aula Mondolfo, Bologna