Ancient Science and Technology of Colour: Pigments, Dyes, Drugs and their Perception in Antiquity

International Conference organized by Matteo Martelli (University of Bologna, ERC project AlchemEast) and Maria Michela Sassi (University of Pisa, PRIN 2017).

April 18-19, 2022, University of Pisa

This conference brings together the expertise of historians of science and technology on the one hand, and archaeologists and historians of ancient art on the other, in a wide-ranging exploration of the production methods and uses of colour substances in the Greek and Roman worlds and in the ancient Near East. This project, strongly multi-disciplinary and the first of its kind, relies on the investigation of a variety of sources, from ancient scientific and technical literature to archaeological data and results of chemical analysis. 

Two papers delivered by the AlchemEast team members:

Eduardo Escobar, On the agency of change: Color and renewal in Assyro-Babylonian cultures

Matteo Martelli, Divine waters and dyeing ‘sauces’: Changing colours and transforming matter



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