Ancient Science and Technology of Colour: Pigments, Dyes, Drugs and their Perception in Antiquity

International Conference organized by Matteo Martelli (University of Bologna, ERC project AlchemEast) and Maria Michela Sassi (University of Pisa, PRIN 2017).

This conference brings together the expertise of historians of science and technology on the one hand, and archaeologists and historians of ancient art on the other, in a wide-ranging exploration of the production methods and uses of colour substances in the Greek and Roman worlds and in the ancient Near East. This project, strongly multi-disciplinary and the first of its kind, relies on the investigation of a variety of sources, from ancient scientific and technical literature to archaeological data and results of chemical analysis. 

Two papers delivered by AlchemEast team members:

  • Eduardo Escobar, On the agency of change: Color and renewal in Assyro-Babylonian cultures
  • Matteo Martelli, Divine waters and dyeing ‘sauces’: Changing colours and transforming matter

April 18-19, 2022, University of Pisa



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