Female Practitioners in Graeco-Egyptian Alchemy

Short paper delivered by Matteo Martelli at the roundtable 4th Turba Meeting: The Female Presence in Alchemy, organized by Jo Hedesan (University of Oxford).

Here are the titles of the short talks:

  • Jennifer Rampling, Queen Elizabeth I and Women’s Patronage of Alchemy
  • Matteo Martelli, Female Practitioners in Graeco-Egyptian Alchemy
  • Ute Frietsch, The Common Iconography of the Urinal, the Alchemical Vial and the Womb in 16th-Century German Woodcults
  • Carmen Schmechel, Male and Female Minerals in Georgius Agricola’s De natura fossilium: A Matter of Classification
  • Jo Hedesan, Mercury – Female or Male? Some Historical and Cross-Cultural Considerations

December 10, 2021 @ 17:00 (GMT), Online

YouTube video of the roundtable

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