What’s in a Recipe? Epistemology and Practical Understanding of Recipe Literature

A series of monthly lectures organized by Gabriele Ferrario and Matteo Martelli, Department of Philosophy and Communication Studies, University of Bologna

A series of 2-hour long meetings that aims at exploring the features of prescriptive literature in the form of recipes with a systematic and interdisciplinary approach and at investigating how these features are relevant in the replication of historical recipes. Speakers: Giulia Brun (London), Chiara Crisciani (Pavia), Guido Frison (London), Cale Johnson (Berlin), Daniele Morrone (Bologna), Sébastien Moureau (Louvain-la-Neuve), Manuela Mura (Warwick), Caroline Petit (Warwick), Lawrence Principe (Baltimore), Tonio Sebastian Richter (Berlin), Nicolas Thomas (Paris) Iolanda Ventura (Bologna)


List of delivered papers

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