Science, Rituals and Technology. Encoding Technical Knowledge in Graeco-Roman Egypt

AlchemEast Workshop organized by Miriam Blanco and Matteo Martelli.
Invited speakers: Marina Escolano Poveda, Francesca Maltomini, Antonio Ricciardetto.

The development of a complex scientific discourse is not necessarily linked to writing. However, written codifications certainly played a key role in the transmission of technical knowledge. Along with literary texts dealing with different technai (or arts), technical knowledge found its own form of expression in recipes. In Antiquity, this kind of written texts serves to codify and transmit a wide variety of practices, not only medical, but also ritual and technological. The workshop will explore this variety in Graeco-Roman Egypt, by taking into account different sources (from papyri to the iconography of Egyptian temples) and comparing different disciplines (medicine, magic and alchemy).

March 7, 2019, Department of Philosophy and Communication Studies, Bologna


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